Am I the only one who finds 'About Me' posts so damn awkward? But hey, apparently we've all got to have one so I thought, after repeatedly writing and deleting versions of one, now that I have a hopefully-new-and-improved blog I should finally post a half-decent attempt at one. So yeah, Shwmae guys, and here's a list of things that you may want to know about this semi-coherent, semi-unstable blog author:

  • I'm a second-year-technically-third-year Journalism and Sociology student at Cardiff University. I switched courses during the final term of first year, which has led to a whole hell of confusion when I'm explaining to people how a second year knows so much about the inner workings of the Students' Union.
  • Reminders of the Changing Time comes from a song called Hunstanton Pier by my favourite band in the whole world, Deaf Havana. I've seen them live five times with my sister and every time I have hear the song, no matter if it's live or just popping up on my iTunes, I cry like a fucking baby. It means a lot to me and I know that it always will do.
  • I bought a fancy camera on an insomnia-induced online shopping spree during first year and ever since it has been glued to my hand as I attempt to gain some sort of skill. And with the amount of beautiful places I visit, I honestly should be a lot better by now, but hey, onwards and upwards right?
  • I am originally from a minuscule, nondescript village exactly halfway between Leeds and Sheffield (the nearest Starbucks is half an hour away, I mean, come on..) but my heart, truly and completely, belongs to the Welsh capital. Although if I'm being honest, it's mostly because you can't get Welsh cakes in the midst of Yorkshire's rolling hills.
  • I'm pretty damn terrible at verbal communication and I know it's what a lot of people on the internet say all the time, but believe me, it's the truth. It's one of the main reasons why I like writing so much and have decided to set a blog up; to speak to people without really speaking to people... If that makes any sense at all.
  • I've lived for most of my life with an infuriatingly long list of mental illnesses. It really is a struggle everyday, but I've ditched the many many pills that were only making me feel shittier and I'm currently battling my demons in therapy. I know it's going to be a long road ahead but, most of the time anyway, I'm ready and willing to fight.
  • So far I have three tattoos - "reminders of the changing times" on my clavicle, "through every dark night there is a brighter day" on my thigh, and a badly-done equal love sign on my ankle.
  • One of the favourite things I've done at University is becoming a part of something called Give it a Go. The Students Union-led programme's main aim is to enrich the lives of as many students in the university as possible by allowing them to experience new things and push the boundaries of what they thought was possible. I've traveled to so many different places over the last year, grown so much as a person and met so many amazing people - truly, it's been a blast!
  • I'm completely head over heels in love with penguins. Most of the things in my room are covered with them, as well as my phone case and probably too many of my clothes. My favourite of all is a humongous penguin called Dave after the patron saint of Wales, he's so big, cuddly and the official mascot of my uni house - the girls even bought him a Cymru shirt because, honestly, they love him more than they love me. Whenever Christmas or my birthday roll around, it's the go-to present of my friends and family because penguin-themed gifts are something that I could never be disappointed by.

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